Reno Rebels

Our Inquiry unit this term is all about building an engaging learning environment for the future. We have been given a brief from Glenys (the Principal) to investigate future educational trends in classroom design. Glenys has generously provided us with a serious budget and an outline to focus on tables and chairs to suit our collaborative approach to learning.

The hard plastic chairs we currently sit on are all mis-matched and different sizes to suit the tables. Some tables are adjustable, most are fixed. We all agree, the furniture has served their purpose over the past 10 years but they have had their day…

What is the best way you like to sit for the different subjects throughout the day? We like collaborative work time in small groups, we like the independence needed for some tasks. Mostly we all agree, we move a lot more in the classroom than ever before. 


 Whilst we know the Node style chairs are expensive, we love the way the table and chairs are integrated, space saving and moveable. This structure allows for collaboration and movement more than the traditional style of rectangle tables and chairs.

Leave us a comment about your thoughts on our thinking as we re-design the Grade 5/6 space for the future.


Tweachers! What are they? It’s a mix of Tween & Teacher.

It’s our favourite job! Every day, two Gr 5 students take on the Tweacher role – they don the Fluro Vest and grab the back pack before heading out into the playground to tackle any potential problems head on!

Tweachers are awesome at the following types of things…

  • A quick check in on the Foundation student who may need help finding a friend to play with
  • Giving a band aid for a minor cut on a Gr2 kid’s knee who just wants to continue playing footy
  • Finding an envelope for the Gr1 child who has lost a tooth hanging upside down on the monkey bars!
  • Giving stickers for the Foundation child who may need a little more than a smile and a “you’ll be right”

The teachers are so grateful for the assistance in the playground. Tweachers know that if there is anything more than the minor things, they are to quickly defer to the yard duty teachers. Thanks Tweachers! We think you are doing an excellent job!

Reader’s Workshop

Our Independent Reading Program is a time to share the different types of books we like to read with our friends. When you have finished reading a book, please recommend it to a friend and let them read your copy. Make sure your name is clearly written inside and that the book is returned to you.

This Month, Melinda recommends a favourite Author – Leigh Hobbs. He was recently awarded the title of Australian Children’s Book Laurate for 2016/17. Have you read the Old Tom series or Horrible Harriett? I wonder how many books you have read of Leigh Hobbs?

Leave us a comment about your favourite type of books to read and authors. We are always looking for new books to purchase and would love the recommendation.

Foundation & Gr5 Buddies

One of our most favourite Leadership programs for the Grade 5 students is the chance to work with the Foundation Buddies! We met our buddies for the first time this week and the excitement was buzzing in the air. Introductions were made, stories were read and pictures drawn. Some of the highlights included teaching a little buddy to tie her shoelaces, learning all their names and finding out their favourite things about school so far!

We look forward to helping our buddies in the playground, making sure they feel safe and happy. Our buddies are for 2 years which helps all children get to know each other for their time at HWPS.

Writer’s Notebooks

Inspiration CloudWhere can we find inspiration to write about this year? The Newspaper, Movies, TV shows, discussions with family or friends. There are so many places we can find inspiration, we just need to keep the ideas in one place.

Our Writer’s Notebook holds the inspiration for our writing. We can add to it throughout the year so it’s important that we remember to bring in ideas, photos, cuttings from newspapers, magazines or tickets to use. There will be times throughout the year you can add more inspirations to your Writer’s Notebook. 


Swimming Carnival

On the 10th February, Grades 3-6 went to our Swimming Carnival. This year, the teachers awarded a Spirit Cup. This award was for the House that showed the most House Spirit, encouragement and who were dressed up in their House colours. Fraser won this award – Great work Fraser! Chloe Wa

The water was crystal clear, the swimmers were ready! The day was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. Everyone was in their HWPS House colours and the Spirit was high. We were called up for each event and swam our best. Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and finally Butterfly. Meanwhile, the non competitors were enjoying their races with the noodles & kickboards. The day was brilliantly organised by Samantha, the HWPS staff and House Captains. Our parent helpers were fantastic and greatly appreciated. It was a huge success. Thanks everybody!