End of Term Fun!

Recognizing and rewarding great behaviours is important to us. If you walked through the Grade 5/6 Break Out Space this term, you would have noticed a large Gum Ball Machine mural. Each time the Grade 5/6 students worked well as a team or were complimented on their behaviour as a community – they earned a Gumball, which was drawn onto the machine.

We earned gumballs for being organised (e.g. returning Homework on time or keeping the shared spaces clean & tidy). We earned them for being ready to learn (Quietly waiting in the Conversation Pit at the end of break times for our teachers). We earned them for working well in cooperative groups during Maths investigations or when we were complimented on our sportsmanship by teachers from other schools during Inter-School Sports.

Last Wednesday, we were awarded the final gumball by Glenys and Justine for our outstanding work and behaviour during the Narrative Writing Expo! They were so impressed with our work- Well done kids!

As a whole level reward for achieving the 25 Gum Balls this term, the Gr 5/6 teachers organised an Easter Egg Hunt – with a twist!

image3First we were mixed up into 10 teams. Then the relay race began. One person from each team raced into the Sustainable Garden to find 3 eggs and head back to their team on the basketball court.

It wasn’t long before each team had an amazing haul of eggs and popping rock candy. The relay continued until the Garden was cleared of eggs.

What we especially liked was the children automatically made sure when they were sharing out the eggs that it was fair and even for all. What great kids!


The Grade 5/6 staff are so proud of the students for all their hard work this term.

They totally deserved this fun reward. It was also a great way to warm up for the Lapathon!

We hope you have a very safe and relaxing holiday and we look forward to hearing about your holidays next term.



5/6 Reno Rebels

56 trial furniture

Reno Rebels have requested furniture samples and the companies have been very helpful. We have 5 different education based furniture companies providing us with samples to trial and evaluate. It has been very difficult as everyone has their own opinion, learning style and colour preference. Here is a brief snap shot of what we have investigated so far.


Hydraulic Table (by Ella)

The Hydraulic table is really fantastic because it has the ability of going to different heights to suit different people. You can stand up to work which means it suits the fidgety learner or someone who prefers to stand occasionally. There is a good amount of storage under the table top. The wheels make it easy to move around and the casters lock in place too. It is a single table with quick a lot of working space. We rate it 8/10.


The Kinetic Pod Table (by Liv)

The Kinetic pod table is an individual table. (Anya is sitting to it in the photo above) There is a flat working space which fits our books, pencil case and iPads. It is height adjustable to 3 heights which would suit all the different heights in our 5/6 level. It is comfy to work at because you can pop your feet onto the metal stand. It has 2 wheels which makes it easy to move around and it also folds up so the table can be stored away when we don’t want any tables. We would need to choose an individual chair to match. I rate it 9.5/ 10

BFX Chair (by Andi)

I liked the BFX chair because you could be left or right handed and position the table top to suit your style. (Liv is sitting on one of the BFX chairs in the photo above). There is plenty of storage underneath to fit our books and pencil case. The chair is comfy, but not as comfy as the Furnware chair in my opinion. I rate it 8/10

The Furnware Chair

This chair is comfortable but has a small tablet sized work space. It is not be enough work area for us. We would have to keep our pencil cases and books on the floor beside us. That would not work. The chair can be moved easily. We rate it 5/10. We have a set of these chairs in the LRC.

The Sebel Learn 2 Chair

This is a VERY comfortable chair. It has great storage underneath to hold our books, iPads, drink bottles and small pencil case. It comes with different sized work spaces (tables) and we prefer the large work space over the tablet sized table. There are so many different combinations to make the perfect chair. (Jade and Annabel are sitting on 2 different versions in the photo above). We rate it 9.5/10.

We still have much investigation to do. We are wondering what schools currently have these types of furniture in their spaces. What are the pros and cons? Stayed tuned for our decision.

All the furniture is on display in the 5/6 Break out space until next week. What would your opinion be? Leave us a comment – it might help us to make a final decision!




Throw Back Thursdays is a Hash Tag used on Social Media to ‘throw back to’ a great time in your life. It could be a photo or a memory or as we used it today – simply a word or phrase to remember the best parts of Term 1.

IMG_0296 IMG_0294



Our Gr5/6s certainly are enjoying quite a range of things! What’s your best memory to Throwback To for Term 1?



Planning Day

Today was a day for the staff of the Gr 5/6 Professional Learning Community (PLC) to plan and prepare for Term 2. Whilst we were busy planning, all the students attended their specialist programs throughout the day. We hope they enjoyed the extra sessions of Science, PE, Music or Art. Ask them how their day was!

Some holiday activities students can complete in preparation for next term are…

  1. Look for ideas and inspiration to add to their Writer’s Notebook. (holiday maps, photos, brochures etc)
  2. Our Writing focus next term will be the Persuasive text type. We wonder what types of news articles or current events interest our students that they could write a persuasive piece on? Make a list of different topics and collect the news articles. We would love to add them to our inspiration boards in the classrooms next term.

(These ideas are not compulsory but will be helpful for their work next term)

Gr5/6 Parent Welcome Picnic


Where:  BBQ/Playground at Burnley Park, Park Grove, Richmond

When: Sunday 20 March from 4pm – 6pm

Who: All 5/6 Families including carers and siblings

BYO: Food, Drinks, Chairs/blanket – there are BBQ/toilet facilities available.  There is also a basketball court & big playing field next to BBQ/playground area so bring a ball/bat/frisbee etc.

Contact: Kate Pickworth kate.pickworth2@bigpond.com

School Photos

Reminder – Wednesday 9th March.

School Photos for Grade 6 Graduation, Grade 6 Leaders and an opportunity for students who were absent on school photo day to have their individual photo taken. Full school uniform is required.


One of our biggest fundraisers for the year is the Lapathon. Today we are bringing home the sponsorship form. We are hoping everyone can ask family and friends to sponsor them. All the money raised this year will go towards improving our playground.

The forms must be returned on Tuesday 22nd March so our teachers can record how many laps we run on the sheet. Then we can begin collecting the money.
Please return all donations by Friday 22nd April.
There will be prizes for the student who raises the most funds and prizes for the students who run the most laps.
Our favourite prize will be for the most outrageous costume related to your House colour.

After the Lapathon, there will be a sausage sizzle, a cake stall and ice creams for sale. Please go to TryBooking to buy your yummy treats.
Thanks from Tiffany and all 5/6 students.