Grade 5/6 Family Fun

Hurry up and get out of the cold at Richmond’s Clip and Climb. Our Grade 5/6 Family get together is Friday 17th June starting at 6pm. Stay on for delicious pizza dinner at the Mountain Goat Brewery. Please email Mel Pitcher to say you’d love to attend – or even to let her know you can’t this time. Our Parent Reps would love to hear from you.


HWPS Values Launch

In case you hadn’t heard – Hawthorn West PS has launched their new School Values. We are…

HWPS Values launch




Achieving Excellence

Our students are being creative in their thinking about how we can bring life to these new words in our everyday learning. The Homework task has revealed what our students want to see more of – recognising each other for demonstrating ways they have shown our new Values. Well done Grade 5/6 – you certainly are showing connectedness!

What do you think of our new school Values?


200 Years of Fashion

NGV Fashion 2We had a brilliant time at the National Art Gallery of Victoria last week. The 200 Years of Fashion Exhibition was amazing.

The focus was to be inspired by the fashion over the years as the students will now design their own style in Art. Melanie created a treasure hunt designed to have students focus on particular elements as they walked through the exhibition.

NGV Fashion 4



We looked at design, the materials used over time and how that changed as well as the leaders in design and why they were famous.


NGV Fashion 7Who doesn’t remember the short hemlines of the 60s, the colours of the 70s, the huge shoulders and fluro colours of the 80s, the simplicity of the fashion styles now.

NGV Fashion 16 NGV Fashion 20 NGV Fashion 18 NGV Fashion 21

Thank you to Melanie and Melinda for organising the event and a special thank you to the staff, Charlotte, Will and Brianna and the parent helpers, Kate, Katherine, Louise and Rosemary who made sure all the students gained the most from the experience. We greatly appreciated your time.  NGV Fashion 1 NGV Fashion 3

Reno Rebels – update!

We are almost there!

The budget is tight, the company has been chosen, the designs have been mapped out in tape on the floor – the tape measures have measured everything – twice! (sometimes 4 times because we really want the booths!)IMG_3702

The 4 classes have chosen colours. Glenys has been consulted!

Everyone has had a chance for their opinion to be heard.

It’s almost time to place the final order…

We want our learning spaces to be…

bright   colourful   fresh  new   innovative 

We want to stand, sit, bounce, move about easily, we want to be flexible.

We want to work independently, in small groups – we need our furniture to be as collaborative and moveable as we are.

IMG_3701Reno Rebels Colour swatchSO!





We have been quoted for stand up tables, ottomans, stools and a range of tables. We have booths, we have tables and chairs.

Come up to the Grade 5/6 spaces and see the final designs for each Home Room on the pinboard outside Melinda’s room. We hope you all really like it as much as we do.

What are your thoughts on our Reno Rebels project?

ETA: Mid term holidays – stay tuned for further updates as they come in!


Congratulations to our Grade 5 students on completing their NAPLAN exams this week. All students have been very confident in their approach to the exams each morning and we are proud of their efforts. Thank you to our parents for helping your child throughout this week. The NAPLAN results will be made available to our school late Term 3.

Homework & Poetry

Due to NAPLAN being conducted this week, Homework will be given out next Monday.

In the meantime, all students are encouraged to bring in 2 of their favourite poems to help us begin our new writing unit next week. We will use these poems as inspiration to discuss what we know about reading and writing poetry.

Do you know of an interesting poet? Can you bring in a book or web address link? 

Do you have a favourite poem to share?

Did you write a brilliant poem last year you can share?

We can’t wait to read them. Poetry is one of our favourite writing units in the year.

Education Week invitation

Our Education Week Open morning is next

Tuesday 17th May from 9:15 – 10:30am.

We welcome all parents, grandparents and special friends to our Gr 5/6 classrooms to see

Maths In Action!

Maths is a huge focus for us this year and we can’t wait to share what we have been learning. There will be some games that we can teach you to play and other open ended activities to complete.

We hope you are able to come.