Our Spelling Program has been more exciting this year. We have a fortnightly cycle that we work from. Firstly, we choose 5 new words from our writing that we want to learn to spell. We might also choose words from our Just Right books or the Word Wall that we are interested in learning to spell too.

We focus on the spelling Strategies – Sound. Meaning. Visual. Connecting. Checking

Some of our Spelling activities where we practise SOUND and VISUAL strategies include:

  1. Practising the L-S-N-C-W-C (Look, Say, Name, Cover, Write, Check) technique.
  2. tapping out syllables – ask your child what the trick with syllables is (each syllable must have a ….)
  3. Writing the tricky part of our spelling words in different colours
  4. Rhyming words and spelling patterns

MEANING strategies

  1. identifying the base word (if applicable)
  2. Word building – adding prefix, suffix, past tense, plurals etc

Another way to learn more about our spelling words is to look them up  in the dictionary. What is the synonym or antonym for a word?

Throughout all our investigations, we ask students to record generalisations about what they have discovered. The aim is to have the 5 words spelt correctly several times over the fortnightly spelling cycle.

We have been excited by the Channel 10’s Great Australian Spelling Bee program. You can try out their spelling words here! Our partner testing at the end of each cycle is not as suspense filled as this program!

Athletics Day

Add this date to your calendars! On Wednesday the 3rd August, the 3/4 and 5/6 Communities will have their annual Athletics Day.

Leading up to the day, we have begun practising our skills for the events such as 100m sprint, long jump, discus and shot put and high jump.

All the students have been broken into groups that represent countries in the Olympics. Each group is awarded points for their placement. E.g. 1st Gold = 3 points. 2nd Silver = 2 points. 3rd Bronze = 1 point.

Everybody is very excited about the upcoming event and they can’t wait to put their practice into play!

Sports reporter: Max Z

Caine’s Arcade

Our short Design, Creativity and Technology unit this term is based on inspiration from this video about Caine’s Arcade.

We are working in partners across our 56 Community following a design brief to create an arcade style game for our clients – the Foundation students. A part of our Homework this cycle is to source the materials we will need to build the game. Please do not buy any products for this project. We are encouraging sustainable practises by finding things we can recycle from around the home and school. Lucky we have lots of boxes from the recent furniture purchase! Stayed tuned for more updates on our progress and the (Caine’s) Hawthorn West Arcade Grand opening!



Welcome to Term 3

On the holidays while students were at the beach, the snow, or just chilling on their couch, the 5/6 level was getting new furniture! BFX won our business because we liked their Happy Stools and stand up tables. The E-chairs look great in the bright orange with the blue and silver Wave tables. Our favourites are the Happy Daze booths with the long table and the Jelly Bean couches and blue square ottomans are comfy.

Journalist: Sian C

Photographer: Zach M

We would love to say a huge THANK YOU to all the families who were able to help the teachers unpack the new furniture and setup the classrooms in the holidays. We are very grateful for your time and it was terrific to have your support. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the homerooms just yet, scroll down through the Photo Gallery below.


56C Homeroom


56M Homeroom


56B Homeroom


56M booths in action


56B Homeroom


56 Break out Space


56W Homeroom Booths in action



56B conference table


56B stand up tables in action


Visitors checking out 56M Homeroom


56W Homeroom


56W E-Chair and Happy Stool combination