Welcome to Term 4

We have such a busy term planned for everyone. Get your School Diary ready…


Homework will look slightly different this term. To continue building student independence and connection to their school work, all homework tasks will be written directly into the Student Diary. There will not be a homework sheet provided each fortnight.

Homework tasks can be completed in the Homework book and handed in on the dates outlined in the student diary.

Set Homework

Reading                Read every night & write the title of the text in your diary

Speaking and Listening  Plan your own Book Talk timeline

Maths                   Mathletics: complete the set tasks from your teacher

If you can’t complete Mathletics at home, students can come into Melinda’s classroom every Tuesday and Friday morning from 8:40am to complete their tasks.

Writing                 Multi-Genre Project – follow the timeline in the student diary

Diary dates         Follow the HWPS newsletter calendar each Friday and update school events in your diary

All homework books are due every 2nd Wednesday – even weeks. Diaries should be at school each day.

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