Science Night – We are Scientists!

solar-system-2Thank you to all the parents who came through the whole school to learn the different types of Science being taught at HWPS. The Rocket Balloons were super quick in Foundation. The slime was messy but so cool to play with that was made in the Yr 1/2 rooms and Liquid Layers in Yr 3/4 created much scientific discussion. The magnet races were a hit with the Science specialist rooms too!












As we know families are busy and aren’t always able to come up to school at the time, we’d love to share the Yr 5/6 Space Station with you. The students have worked incredibly hard to research information and present it to our community in interesting ways.

Star Constellation Art work


The Yr 5/6 Planetarium was created beginning with the Sun and following the planets throughout the Solar System. Can you put these posters in order?


9-neptune 8-uranus 7-saturn 6-jupiter 5-mars 4-earth 3-venus 2-mercury








milky-way-3 milky-way-1



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