Hungry Hippos!

All term, the students worked hard to get an app for different rewards. So many different ways for them to work as a whole 5/6 level and be recognised for their outstanding ways. Ask your child what their favourite app reward was for.


Our Term 4 reward for being part of a such a fantastic community was to play a game of Hungry Hippos.

Not an ordinary board game though – rather, a game of Human Hungry Hippos! Watch the game unfold and let the laughter begin!




Untitled from Melinda Airey on Vimeo.

Thanks to Charlotte for the idea and to Bri and Sam for setting up the session and for the kids who lent us their skateboards! Such fun!

Yr 6 Graduation

A huge thank you to the Yr 6 Graduation planning committee – they are busy preparing a Hollywood Glamour style evening for us all to enjoy!

Wanted: if you have any gold, red or black fabric – please give it to Charlotte!

Thank you!

Save the Date invitations went home today – Yr 6 Graduation Wednesday 14th December 2016


A quick reminder – the Homework due this Wednesday is:

* Numeracy – Mathletics tasks that your classroom teacher has set for you

* Reading – record the title in your School Diary each night you read – 20 mins/ day

* Writing – bring the final model of your Multi-Genre presentation. We can’t wait to see them.