Hour of Code

For all Year 5/6 students, Monday’s challenge was to participate in the global ‘Hour of Code TM’. www.code.org

The challenge runs from the 5th – 11th December each year during Computer Science Education Week. www.csedweek.org

Two guest speakers, Edward Jones and Eoin Keegan were invited to visit and share their professions which involves writing computer programs and coding robots and drones to assist in our everyday lives. Thank you Oscar P and Oscar D for introducing them and formally beginning The Hour of Code.

One class were introduced to a type of Nao robot called BeeBot who was programmed to answer the questions we asked him. BeeBot also danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller which was very impressive! You can watch it below. Nao robots can be used for people with disabilities. They are also used as Hotel Concierges and can give you tourist information.

Nao Thriller Hour of Code 2016 from Melinda Airey on Vimeo.

It was interesting to learn how drone robots will help our future. Eoin is a certified Drone Pilot and he writes programs for drones to survey land and help collect data in agricultural farming. Drones are useful for search parties and bushfire prevention. Oscar D

Whilst one class learned about robots in different professions, the other 3 classes tried an iPad coding app called Hopscotch. https://www.gethopscotch.com/. You can come visit us to play our games on the iPad and see them below.

Hopscotch Games from our Buddying Coders!  Ed’s Snowflake

Reflections from the Hour of Code

hwps-hour-of-codeIt was awesome hanging out with Nao and I wonder how soon robots will become normal for us. I think it’s good that girls get involved in coding and I learned a lot. Liv O

I think the Hour of Code was very fun because we got to make our own video game. I always thought that coding was about typing or writing billions of numbers. Now I know it is much simpler than that. Eric W

In the International Hour of Code, I learned more about coding in that session than I have ever learned in my life about commanding a computer to do what I wanted. I was fascinated with Nao and wish I could have spent more time coding. I hope in the future I have the opportunity to do coding and study Computer Science. Mel M

My favourite part of the lesson was how we learned to interact with the Nao robot by speaking the commands to him. I think the Hour of Code promotes and inspires people to learn coding because it will be a big part of our future and I want to do more!! Mia B

I thought it was awesome and I want to do it again next year! Oscar P

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