Science Night – We are Scientists!

solar-system-2Thank you to all the parents who came through the whole school to learn the different types of Science being taught at HWPS. The Rocket Balloons were super quick in Foundation. The slime was messy but so cool to play with that was made in the Yr 1/2 rooms and Liquid Layers in Yr 3/4 created much scientific discussion. The magnet races were a hit with the Science specialist rooms too!












As we know families are busy and aren’t always able to come up to school at the time, we’d love to share the Yr 5/6 Space Station with you. The students have worked incredibly hard to research information and present it to our community in interesting ways.

Star Constellation Art work


The Yr 5/6 Planetarium was created beginning with the Sun and following the planets throughout the Solar System. Can you put these posters in order?


9-neptune 8-uranus 7-saturn 6-jupiter 5-mars 4-earth 3-venus 2-mercury








milky-way-3 milky-way-1



Caine’s Arcade

Our short Design, Creativity and Technology unit this term is based on inspiration from this video about Caine’s Arcade.

We are working in partners across our 56 Community following a design brief to create an arcade style game for our clients – the Foundation students. A part of our Homework this cycle is to source the materials we will need to build the game. Please do not buy any products for this project. We are encouraging sustainable practises by finding things we can recycle from around the home and school. Lucky we have lots of boxes from the recent furniture purchase! Stayed tuned for more updates on our progress and the (Caine’s) Hawthorn West Arcade Grand opening!



Welcome to Term 3

On the holidays while students were at the beach, the snow, or just chilling on their couch, the 5/6 level was getting new furniture! BFX won our business because we liked their Happy Stools and stand up tables. The E-chairs look great in the bright orange with the blue and silver Wave tables. Our favourites are the Happy Daze booths with the long table and the Jelly Bean couches and blue square ottomans are comfy.

Journalist: Sian C

Photographer: Zach M

We would love to say a huge THANK YOU to all the families who were able to help the teachers unpack the new furniture and setup the classrooms in the holidays. We are very grateful for your time and it was terrific to have your support. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the homerooms just yet, scroll down through the Photo Gallery below.


56C Homeroom


56M Homeroom


56B Homeroom


56M booths in action


56B Homeroom


56 Break out Space


56W Homeroom Booths in action



56B conference table


56B stand up tables in action


Visitors checking out 56M Homeroom


56W Homeroom


56W E-Chair and Happy Stool combination




Reno Rebels – update!

We are almost there!

The budget is tight, the company has been chosen, the designs have been mapped out in tape on the floor – the tape measures have measured everything – twice! (sometimes 4 times because we really want the booths!)IMG_3702

The 4 classes have chosen colours. Glenys has been consulted!

Everyone has had a chance for their opinion to be heard.

It’s almost time to place the final order…

We want our learning spaces to be…

bright   colourful   fresh  new   innovative 

We want to stand, sit, bounce, move about easily, we want to be flexible.

We want to work independently, in small groups – we need our furniture to be as collaborative and moveable as we are.

IMG_3701Reno Rebels Colour swatchSO!





We have been quoted for stand up tables, ottomans, stools and a range of tables. We have booths, we have tables and chairs.

Come up to the Grade 5/6 spaces and see the final designs for each Home Room on the pinboard outside Melinda’s room. We hope you all really like it as much as we do.

What are your thoughts on our Reno Rebels project?

ETA: Mid term holidays – stay tuned for further updates as they come in!

5/6 Reno Rebels

56 trial furniture

Reno Rebels have requested furniture samples and the companies have been very helpful. We have 5 different education based furniture companies providing us with samples to trial and evaluate. It has been very difficult as everyone has their own opinion, learning style and colour preference. Here is a brief snap shot of what we have investigated so far.


Hydraulic Table (by Ella)

The Hydraulic table is really fantastic because it has the ability of going to different heights to suit different people. You can stand up to work which means it suits the fidgety learner or someone who prefers to stand occasionally. There is a good amount of storage under the table top. The wheels make it easy to move around and the casters lock in place too. It is a single table with quick a lot of working space. We rate it 8/10.


The Kinetic Pod Table (by Liv)

The Kinetic pod table is an individual table. (Anya is sitting to it in the photo above) There is a flat working space which fits our books, pencil case and iPads. It is height adjustable to 3 heights which would suit all the different heights in our 5/6 level. It is comfy to work at because you can pop your feet onto the metal stand. It has 2 wheels which makes it easy to move around and it also folds up so the table can be stored away when we don’t want any tables. We would need to choose an individual chair to match. I rate it 9.5/ 10

BFX Chair (by Andi)

I liked the BFX chair because you could be left or right handed and position the table top to suit your style. (Liv is sitting on one of the BFX chairs in the photo above). There is plenty of storage underneath to fit our books and pencil case. The chair is comfy, but not as comfy as the Furnware chair in my opinion. I rate it 8/10

The Furnware Chair

This chair is comfortable but has a small tablet sized work space. It is not be enough work area for us. We would have to keep our pencil cases and books on the floor beside us. That would not work. The chair can be moved easily. We rate it 5/10. We have a set of these chairs in the LRC.

The Sebel Learn 2 Chair

This is a VERY comfortable chair. It has great storage underneath to hold our books, iPads, drink bottles and small pencil case. It comes with different sized work spaces (tables) and we prefer the large work space over the tablet sized table. There are so many different combinations to make the perfect chair. (Jade and Annabel are sitting on 2 different versions in the photo above). We rate it 9.5/10.

We still have much investigation to do. We are wondering what schools currently have these types of furniture in their spaces. What are the pros and cons? Stayed tuned for our decision.

All the furniture is on display in the 5/6 Break out space until next week. What would your opinion be? Leave us a comment – it might help us to make a final decision!

Reno Rebels

Our Inquiry unit this term is all about building an engaging learning environment for the future. We have been given a brief from Glenys (the Principal) to investigate future educational trends in classroom design. Glenys has generously provided us with a serious budget and an outline to focus on tables and chairs to suit our collaborative approach to learning.

The hard plastic chairs we currently sit on are all mis-matched and different sizes to suit the tables. Some tables are adjustable, most are fixed. We all agree, the furniture has served their purpose over the past 10 years but they have had their day…

What is the best way you like to sit for the different subjects throughout the day? We like collaborative work time in small groups, we like the independence needed for some tasks. Mostly we all agree, we move a lot more in the classroom than ever before. 


 Whilst we know the Node style chairs are expensive, we love the way the table and chairs are integrated, space saving and moveable. This structure allows for collaboration and movement more than the traditional style of rectangle tables and chairs.

Leave us a comment about your thoughts on our thinking as we re-design the Grade 5/6 space for the future.