200 Years of Fashion

NGV Fashion 2We had a brilliant time at the National Art Gallery of Victoria last week. The 200 Years of Fashion Exhibition was amazing.

The focus was to be inspired by the fashion over the years as the students will now design their own style in Art. Melanie created a treasure hunt designed to have students focus on particular elements as they walked through the exhibition.

NGV Fashion 4



We looked at design, the materials used over time and how that changed as well as the leaders in design and why they were famous.


NGV Fashion 7Who doesn’t remember the short hemlines of the 60s, the colours of the 70s, the huge shoulders and fluro colours of the 80s, the simplicity of the fashion styles now.

NGV Fashion 16 NGV Fashion 20 NGV Fashion 18 NGV Fashion 21

Thank you to Melanie and Melinda for organising the event and a special thank you to the staff, Charlotte, Will and Brianna and the parent helpers, Kate, Katherine, Louise and Rosemary who made sure all the students gained the most from the experience. We greatly appreciated your time.  NGV Fashion 1 NGV Fashion 3