Gr 5 Buddy Mini Olympics

Each week, our Grade 5 students have a Leadership session where they alternate between visiting their Foundation Buddies with a session of Leadership Skill building.

The 4 building blocks of Leadership are Presentation Skills, Responsibility, Organisation and Teamwork. Students have been taught skills under these 4 headings and for the past few weeks, they used all this knowledge to plan a Mini Olympics for their Foundation Buddies.


The Foundation students had an absolute ball!

IMG_0820Their events included parachute, an obstacle course, relay races, skipping, bean bag throws and sprints. What a terrific afternoon!





Congratulations to all Grade 5 students! You really achieved your Leadership goals and it was a pleasure for the staff to watch you all being so engaged, organised and responsible for your buddies. We are very proud of you all.



Foundation & Gr5 Buddies

One of our most favourite Leadership programs for the Grade 5 students is the chance to work with the Foundation Buddies! We met our buddies for the first time this week and the excitement was buzzing in the air. Introductions were made, stories were read and pictures drawn. Some of the highlights included teaching a little buddy to tie her shoelaces, learning all their names and finding out their favourite things about school so far!

We look forward to helping our buddies in the playground, making sure they feel safe and happy. Our buddies are for 2 years which helps all children get to know each other for their time at HWPS.