Hour of Code

For all Year 5/6 students, Monday’s challenge was to participate in the global ‘Hour of Code TM’. www.code.org

The challenge runs from the 5th – 11th December each year during Computer Science Education Week. www.csedweek.org

Two guest speakers, Edward Jones and Eoin Keegan were invited to visit and share their professions which involves writing computer programs and coding robots and drones to assist in our everyday lives. Thank you Oscar P and Oscar D for introducing them and formally beginning The Hour of Code.

One class were introduced to a type of Nao robot called BeeBot who was programmed to answer the questions we asked him. BeeBot also danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller which was very impressive! You can watch it below. Nao robots can be used for people with disabilities. They are also used as Hotel Concierges and can give you tourist information.

Nao Thriller Hour of Code 2016 from Melinda Airey on Vimeo.

It was interesting to learn how drone robots will help our future. Eoin is a certified Drone Pilot and he writes programs for drones to survey land and help collect data in agricultural farming. Drones are useful for search parties and bushfire prevention. Oscar D

Whilst one class learned about robots in different professions, the other 3 classes tried an iPad coding app called Hopscotch. https://www.gethopscotch.com/. You can come visit us to play our games on the iPad and see them below.

Hopscotch Games from our Buddying Coders!  Ed’s Snowflake

Reflections from the Hour of Code

hwps-hour-of-codeIt was awesome hanging out with Nao and I wonder how soon robots will become normal for us. I think it’s good that girls get involved in coding and I learned a lot. Liv O

I think the Hour of Code was very fun because we got to make our own video game. I always thought that coding was about typing or writing billions of numbers. Now I know it is much simpler than that. Eric W

In the International Hour of Code, I learned more about coding in that session than I have ever learned in my life about commanding a computer to do what I wanted. I was fascinated with Nao and wish I could have spent more time coding. I hope in the future I have the opportunity to do coding and study Computer Science. Mel M

My favourite part of the lesson was how we learned to interact with the Nao robot by speaking the commands to him. I think the Hour of Code promotes and inspires people to learn coding because it will be a big part of our future and I want to do more!! Mia B

I thought it was awesome and I want to do it again next year! Oscar P

Hungry Hippos!

All term, the students worked hard to get an app for different rewards. So many different ways for them to work as a whole 5/6 level and be recognised for their outstanding ways. Ask your child what their favourite app reward was for.


Our Term 4 reward for being part of a such a fantastic community was to play a game of Hungry Hippos.

Not an ordinary board game though – rather, a game of Human Hungry Hippos! Watch the game unfold and let the laughter begin!




Untitled from Melinda Airey on Vimeo.

Thanks to Charlotte for the idea and to Bri and Sam for setting up the session and for the kids who lent us their skateboards! Such fun!

Gr 6 Market Day 2

The Gr 6 Market stalls were all so amazing – here are more snaps from the day.

Frog in a Pond – delicious!!










Just Face it! img_4745

Face painting extraordinaire designers that all the kids loved.









The Frogloss was very popular and sold out first!img_4738

What scrummy flavours!




















Rock Your Socks had incredible home made tie dyed socks to sell. So colourful!







These were the most scrumptious doughnuts from the busy crew at Donut Time!

Everyone wanted one (or two!)img_4703







Thank you to the whole of HWPS for supporting our Grade 6 students with their Market Stall. You made this event so amazing for us!

Gr 6 Market Stall Day

img_4771 img_4769 img_4766

  The Grade 6s have worked tirelessly to create their own market this year. Will and Charlotte have taught students many things – mostly; financial budgeting, marketing and cooperative group work skills in order to run this impressive market event.

Students from the whole school were invited to the morning to purchase items hand made by the Grade 6s. The weather was perfect, the market vibe was warm and friendly and purchases were through the roof!

Every stall was a sell out! 

We are so impressed with our student’s high standards of their products and their marketing techniques!

Congratulations Grade 6s!


Footy Time








The best part was all the chances to play different sports with the equipment – thanks Team!




img_4714 img_4713



What delicious cakes! Those Chocolate Yum Yum Balls were the best!












img_4759 img_4760 img_4758 img_4757








Meet some of the crazy pet rocks! Complete with a personalised Birth Certificate.


img_4708 img_4728










Tracey found a new pet!








Athletics Day

Add this date to your calendars! On Wednesday the 3rd August, the 3/4 and 5/6 Communities will have their annual Athletics Day.

Leading up to the day, we have begun practising our skills for the events such as 100m sprint, long jump, discus and shot put and high jump.

All the students have been broken into groups that represent countries in the Olympics. Each group is awarded points for their placement. E.g. 1st Gold = 3 points. 2nd Silver = 2 points. 3rd Bronze = 1 point.

Everybody is very excited about the upcoming event and they can’t wait to put their practice into play!

Sports reporter: Max Z

Welcome to Term 3

On the holidays while students were at the beach, the snow, or just chilling on their couch, the 5/6 level was getting new furniture! BFX won our business because we liked their Happy Stools and stand up tables. The E-chairs look great in the bright orange with the blue and silver Wave tables. Our favourites are the Happy Daze booths with the long table and the Jelly Bean couches and blue square ottomans are comfy.

Journalist: Sian C

Photographer: Zach M

We would love to say a huge THANK YOU to all the families who were able to help the teachers unpack the new furniture and setup the classrooms in the holidays. We are very grateful for your time and it was terrific to have your support. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the homerooms just yet, scroll down through the Photo Gallery below.


56C Homeroom


56M Homeroom


56B Homeroom


56M booths in action


56B Homeroom


56 Break out Space


56W Homeroom Booths in action



56B conference table


56B stand up tables in action


Visitors checking out 56M Homeroom


56W Homeroom


56W E-Chair and Happy Stool combination




Australian Ballet Incursion

BalletOn Monday 30th May, we were lucky to have four students from the Australian Ballet Ensemble – Visiting Schools Program: Out There – come to visit us. Individually our classes were taught basic ballet dance moves. We had to remember different positions both in the way our body was positioned as well as the position in the room. Our teachers showed us great skills and strength in the different dance moves. You have to be very fit and agile to be a Ballet dancer.Ballet 3

After lunch, all the Ballet students performed a short version of Sleeping Beauty. They had amazing costumes with each person performing multiple characters. We could see some of the dance moves they taught us in the workshop in the performance. All in all, it was a great day for all students who attended. Thank you to the Australian Ballet. We really enjoyed our time.Ballet 2

Grade 5/6 Family Fun

Hurry up and get out of the cold at Richmond’s Clip and Climb. Our Grade 5/6 Family get together is Friday 17th June starting at 6pm. Stay on for delicious pizza dinner at the Mountain Goat Brewery. Please email Mel Pitcher to say you’d love to attend – or even to let her know you can’t this time. Our Parent Reps would love to hear from you.


HWPS Values Launch

In case you hadn’t heard – Hawthorn West PS has launched their new School Values. We are…

HWPS Values launch




Achieving Excellence

Our students are being creative in their thinking about how we can bring life to these new words in our everyday learning. The Homework task has revealed what our students want to see more of – recognising each other for demonstrating ways they have shown our new Values. Well done Grade 5/6 – you certainly are showing connectedness!

What do you think of our new school Values?


200 Years of Fashion

NGV Fashion 2We had a brilliant time at the National Art Gallery of Victoria last week. The 200 Years of Fashion Exhibition was amazing.

The focus was to be inspired by the fashion over the years as the students will now design their own style in Art. Melanie created a treasure hunt designed to have students focus on particular elements as they walked through the exhibition.

NGV Fashion 4



We looked at design, the materials used over time and how that changed as well as the leaders in design and why they were famous.


NGV Fashion 7Who doesn’t remember the short hemlines of the 60s, the colours of the 70s, the huge shoulders and fluro colours of the 80s, the simplicity of the fashion styles now.

NGV Fashion 16 NGV Fashion 20 NGV Fashion 18 NGV Fashion 21

Thank you to Melanie and Melinda for organising the event and a special thank you to the staff, Charlotte, Will and Brianna and the parent helpers, Kate, Katherine, Louise and Rosemary who made sure all the students gained the most from the experience. We greatly appreciated your time.  NGV Fashion 1 NGV Fashion 3