Hungry Hippos!

All term, the students worked hard to get an app for different rewards. So many different ways for them to work as a whole 5/6 level and be recognised for their outstanding ways. Ask your child what their favourite app reward was for.


Our Term 4 reward for being part of a such a fantastic community was to play a game of Hungry Hippos.

Not an ordinary board game though – rather, a game of Human Hungry Hippos! Watch the game unfold and let the laughter begin!




Untitled from Melinda Airey on Vimeo.

Thanks to Charlotte for the idea and to Bri and Sam for setting up the session and for the kids who lent us their skateboards! Such fun!

Gr 6 Market Day 2

The Gr 6 Market stalls were all so amazing – here are more snaps from the day.

Frog in a Pond – delicious!!










Just Face it! img_4745

Face painting extraordinaire designers that all the kids loved.









The Frogloss was very popular and sold out first!img_4738

What scrummy flavours!




















Rock Your Socks had incredible home made tie dyed socks to sell. So colourful!







These were the most scrumptious doughnuts from the busy crew at Donut Time!

Everyone wanted one (or two!)img_4703







Thank you to the whole of HWPS for supporting our Grade 6 students with their Market Stall. You made this event so amazing for us!

Gr 6 Market Stall Day

img_4771 img_4769 img_4766

  The Grade 6s have worked tirelessly to create their own market this year. Will and Charlotte have taught students many things – mostly; financial budgeting, marketing and cooperative group work skills in order to run this impressive market event.

Students from the whole school were invited to the morning to purchase items hand made by the Grade 6s. The weather was perfect, the market vibe was warm and friendly and purchases were through the roof!

Every stall was a sell out! 

We are so impressed with our student’s high standards of their products and their marketing techniques!

Congratulations Grade 6s!


Footy Time








The best part was all the chances to play different sports with the equipment – thanks Team!




img_4714 img_4713



What delicious cakes! Those Chocolate Yum Yum Balls were the best!












img_4759 img_4760 img_4758 img_4757








Meet some of the crazy pet rocks! Complete with a personalised Birth Certificate.


img_4708 img_4728










Tracey found a new pet!








Gr 5 Buddy Mini Olympics

Each week, our Grade 5 students have a Leadership session where they alternate between visiting their Foundation Buddies with a session of Leadership Skill building.

The 4 building blocks of Leadership are Presentation Skills, Responsibility, Organisation and Teamwork. Students have been taught skills under these 4 headings and for the past few weeks, they used all this knowledge to plan a Mini Olympics for their Foundation Buddies.


The Foundation students had an absolute ball!

IMG_0820Their events included parachute, an obstacle course, relay races, skipping, bean bag throws and sprints. What a terrific afternoon!





Congratulations to all Grade 5 students! You really achieved your Leadership goals and it was a pleasure for the staff to watch you all being so engaged, organised and responsible for your buddies. We are very proud of you all.



HWPS Values Launch

In case you hadn’t heard – Hawthorn West PS has launched their new School Values. We are…

HWPS Values launch




Achieving Excellence

Our students are being creative in their thinking about how we can bring life to these new words in our everyday learning. The Homework task has revealed what our students want to see more of – recognising each other for demonstrating ways they have shown our new Values. Well done Grade 5/6 – you certainly are showing connectedness!

What do you think of our new school Values?


End of Term Fun!

Recognizing and rewarding great behaviours is important to us. If you walked through the Grade 5/6 Break Out Space this term, you would have noticed a large Gum Ball Machine mural. Each time the Grade 5/6 students worked well as a team or were complimented on their behaviour as a community – they earned a Gumball, which was drawn onto the machine.

We earned gumballs for being organised (e.g. returning Homework on time or keeping the shared spaces clean & tidy). We earned them for being ready to learn (Quietly waiting in the Conversation Pit at the end of break times for our teachers). We earned them for working well in cooperative groups during Maths investigations or when we were complimented on our sportsmanship by teachers from other schools during Inter-School Sports.

Last Wednesday, we were awarded the final gumball by Glenys and Justine for our outstanding work and behaviour during the Narrative Writing Expo! They were so impressed with our work- Well done kids!

As a whole level reward for achieving the 25 Gum Balls this term, the Gr 5/6 teachers organised an Easter Egg Hunt – with a twist!

image3First we were mixed up into 10 teams. Then the relay race began. One person from each team raced into the Sustainable Garden to find 3 eggs and head back to their team on the basketball court.

It wasn’t long before each team had an amazing haul of eggs and popping rock candy. The relay continued until the Garden was cleared of eggs.

What we especially liked was the children automatically made sure when they were sharing out the eggs that it was fair and even for all. What great kids!


The Grade 5/6 staff are so proud of the students for all their hard work this term.

They totally deserved this fun reward. It was also a great way to warm up for the Lapathon!

We hope you have a very safe and relaxing holiday and we look forward to hearing about your holidays next term.




Tweachers! What are they? It’s a mix of Tween & Teacher.

It’s our favourite job! Every day, two Gr 5 students take on the Tweacher role – they don the Fluro Vest and grab the back pack before heading out into the playground to tackle any potential problems head on!

Tweachers are awesome at the following types of things…

  • A quick check in on the Foundation student who may need help finding a friend to play with
  • Giving a band aid for a minor cut on a Gr2 kid’s knee who just wants to continue playing footy
  • Finding an envelope for the Gr1 child who has lost a tooth hanging upside down on the monkey bars!
  • Giving stickers for the Foundation child who may need a little more than a smile and a “you’ll be right”

The teachers are so grateful for the assistance in the playground. Tweachers know that if there is anything more than the minor things, they are to quickly defer to the yard duty teachers. Thanks Tweachers! We think you are doing an excellent job!

Foundation & Gr5 Buddies

One of our most favourite Leadership programs for the Grade 5 students is the chance to work with the Foundation Buddies! We met our buddies for the first time this week and the excitement was buzzing in the air. Introductions were made, stories were read and pictures drawn. Some of the highlights included teaching a little buddy to tie her shoelaces, learning all their names and finding out their favourite things about school so far!

We look forward to helping our buddies in the playground, making sure they feel safe and happy. Our buddies are for 2 years which helps all children get to know each other for their time at HWPS.