Homework & Poetry

Due to NAPLAN being conducted this week, Homework will be given out next Monday.

In the meantime, all students are encouraged to bring in 2 of their favourite poems to help us begin our new writing unit next week. We will use these poems as inspiration to discuss what we know about reading and writing poetry.

Do you know of an interesting poet? Can you bring in a book or web address link? 

Do you have a favourite poem to share?

Did you write a brilliant poem last year you can share?

We can’t wait to read them. Poetry is one of our favourite writing units in the year.

Reader’s Workshop

Our Independent Reading Program is a time to share the different types of books we like to read with our friends. When you have finished reading a book, please recommend it to a friend and let them read your copy. Make sure your name is clearly written inside and that the book is returned to you.

This Month, Melinda recommends a favourite Author – Leigh Hobbs. He was recently awarded the title of Australian Children’s Book Laurate for 2016/17. Have you read the Old Tom series or Horrible Harriett? I wonder how many books you have read of Leigh Hobbs?

Leave us a comment about your favourite type of books to read and authors. We are always looking for new books to purchase and would love the recommendation.