Athletics Day

Add this date to your calendars! On Wednesday the 3rd August, the 3/4 and 5/6 Communities will have their annual Athletics Day.

Leading up to the day, we have begun practising our skills for the events such as 100m sprint, long jump, discus and shot put and high jump.

All the students have been broken into groups that represent countries in the Olympics. Each group is awarded points for their placement. E.g. 1st Gold = 3 points. 2nd Silver = 2 points. 3rd Bronze = 1 point.

Everybody is very excited about the upcoming event and they can’t wait to put their practice into play!

Sports reporter: Max Z

Swimming Carnival

On the 10th February, Grades 3-6 went to our Swimming Carnival. This year, the teachers awarded a Spirit Cup. This award was for the House that showed the most House Spirit, encouragement and who were dressed up in their House colours. Fraser won this award – Great work Fraser! Chloe Wa

The water was crystal clear, the swimmers were ready! The day was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. Everyone was in their HWPS House colours and the Spirit was high. We were called up for each event and swam our best. Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and finally Butterfly. Meanwhile, the non competitors were enjoying their races with the noodles & kickboards. The day was brilliantly organised by Samantha, the HWPS staff and House Captains. Our parent helpers were fantastic and greatly appreciated. It was a huge success. Thanks everybody!