Tweachers! What are they? It’s a mix of Tween & Teacher.

It’s our favourite job! Every day, two Gr 5 students take on the Tweacher role – they don the Fluro Vest and grab the back pack before heading out into the playground to tackle any potential problems head on!

Tweachers are awesome at the following types of things…

  • A quick check in on the Foundation student who may need help finding a friend to play with
  • Giving a band aid for a minor cut on a Gr2 kid’s knee who just wants to continue playing footy
  • Finding an envelope for the Gr1 child who has lost a tooth hanging upside down on the monkey bars!
  • Giving stickers for the Foundation child who may need a little more than a smile and a “you’ll be right”

The teachers are so grateful for the assistance in the playground. Tweachers know that if there is anything more than the minor things, they are to quickly defer to the yard duty teachers. Thanks Tweachers! We think you are doing an excellent job!