Homework & Poetry

Due to NAPLAN being conducted this week, Homework will be given out next Monday.

In the meantime, all students are encouraged to bring in 2 of their favourite poems to help us begin our new writing unit next week. We will use these poems as inspiration to discuss what we know about reading and writing poetry.

Do you know of an interesting poet? Can you bring in a book or web address link? 

Do you have a favourite poem to share?

Did you write a brilliant poem last year you can share?

We can’t wait to read them. Poetry is one of our favourite writing units in the year.

Planning Day

Today was a day for the staff of the Gr 5/6 Professional Learning Community (PLC) to plan and prepare for Term 2. Whilst we were busy planning, all the students attended their specialist programs throughout the day. We hope they enjoyed the extra sessions of Science, PE, Music or Art. Ask them how their day was!

Some holiday activities students can complete in preparation for next term are…

  1. Look for ideas and inspiration to add to their Writer’s Notebook. (holiday maps, photos, brochures etc)
  2. Our Writing focus next term will be the Persuasive text type. We wonder what types of news articles or current events interest our students that they could write a persuasive piece on? Make a list of different topics and collect the news articles. We would love to add them to our inspiration boards in the classrooms next term.

(These ideas are not compulsory but will be helpful for their work next term)

Writer’s Notebooks

Inspiration CloudWhere can we find inspiration to write about this year? The Newspaper, Movies, TV shows, discussions with family or friends. There are so many places we can find inspiration, we just need to keep the ideas in one place.

Our Writer’s Notebook holds the inspiration for our writing. We can add to it throughout the year so it’s important that we remember to bring in ideas, photos, cuttings from newspapers, magazines or tickets to use. There will be times throughout the year you can add more inspirations to your Writer’s Notebook.